Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Fabian Tan is an architect who believes that fashionable definitions of ‘art’ can be pushed beyond their existing limitations.

In 2008, his ‘corner art’ works were featured in the Working Title exhibition at Petronas Gallery showcasing 10 emerging Malaysian artists. He has also participated in the Man & God International Visual Feast exhibition in Beijing, China and a parallel exhibition entitiled Retrospective with the Kyoorius Designyatra event. His latest creations, Roller Coasters are vintage drink coasters with golden animals on wheels and have been featured in The Star newspaper and KLUE magazine.

As a relative virgin in the art world, he wants to maintain his naivety and perhaps digress into childhood humour and fantasies in hope of producing ‘fresh’ and ‘cheeky’ concepts in art.

GU-LIGHT, 2009

is an experiment involving an almost extinct Malaysian childhood game, guli, or marbles. I remember myself as a child who would stare into the guli and was always hypnotized by the swirls of colours floating in the glass.

The art works represent a fusion of abandoned wooden crates and other junk material, light and guli to create a feel of nostalgic magic.


The artwork is a signifier for the creepy evolution of the computer. Since its birth, it has intrigued mankind but I have been observing lately that the computer seems to be assimilating profusely into people’s life. The reliance on computers is heavier than ever in this age of emails, internet, social networks, games and softwares. Not long ago, I used to laugh at the notion of a terminator in the movies but now, I am terrified of witnessing its slow birth. Electrolyte should remind us of the computer’s emergence as a living breathing entity. The whirl of lights represents veins behind its skin. Beware of the computer.

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