Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Farah Azizan obtained her BA in architecture at Nottingham University, UK and after working with GDP architects between 2000 and 2001, pursued her diploma in architecture (RIBA part II) at the Architectural Association, London. Her works are inspired by urban ecologies, post-industrial landscapes and the visual arts, blurring the boundaries between art/architecture/landscape design. A recent exhibition at the Annexe featured a chair made of yellow pages and recordings of random conversations she had with some of its more sinister advertisers. Upon graduating in 2004, she freelanced in London after which she reluctantly returned to KL and joined Seksan Design. She has not looked back since.


The opportunity to make lights using glass bottles came when we chanced upon a derelict factory in the heart of industrial PJ filled from floor to ceiling with crates of empty soda bottles. The forsaken space held a treasure trove of soda-pop brands ranging from the early 60’s to more obscure brands like Peacock Cola, Sinalco and RC Cola, stacked precariously high like city tower blocks trapped in a zinc-roofed cavern, guarded by a solitary pakcik who granted us access via skillful negotiations worthy of a national politician. I thank him for my material.The factory has now since been cleared out, likely to pave way for another consumerist monument blurring into PJ’s seemingly ambiguous cityscape.

The DRUMLIGHT series features a group of standing, floor-mounted and suspended lights that are assembled from oil drums and soda bottles recycled and revived to retain their industrial and mass-produced aesthetic. The module is replicated in an installation which comprises a set of utilitarian furniture with inter-connecting functions.

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