Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Lisa Foo is the co-founder of FOTA Design (2007). Her architectural approach is concerned with the crafting of space and experimenting with material assemblage that marries the functional with artistic expression.

A persistent innovator of spaces, Foo’s EMMA house in Kuala Lumpur, designed and completed in 2006, has b
een featured in many international publications in Europe, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore. Recently, she collaborated with a friend and exhibited luminous eco-light sculptures depicting deep sea creatures from recycled plastic drinking water (PET) bottles and formed LFSS* in 2008, in an effort to spread awareness of recycling.

In her indulgence for creative experimentation with found objects, she is seeking for that transformation of the expected into art and beyond.


Fascination with bioluminescence in the abyss,
It’s a deep blue world we landlubbers rarely see.
Mystical realm that most of us have given a miss.
Yet, amazing creatures rule the dark depths of the mighty sea!

In response to the problem of plastic waste in our environment, each part in thousands of plastic drinking water (PET) bottles is transformed into individual light sculptures and an installation. The idea of maintaining the inherent quality of the material and employing low-embodied energy in the process of transformation is emphasized when recycling these PET bottles. In the same spirit of reduction, these sculptures also consume less energy by using energy saving lamps and LEDs.

Turning everyday mundane waste objects into mysterious and ethereal delight.

* LFSS is the abbreviation for both the designers, Lisa Foo & Mah Su Sim and at a glance it looks like LESS. Just appropriately spells out our intention. LESS WASTE.

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