Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Artistic Director of Pentas Project, Kok Man is an established theatre director, actor and lighting designer. Graduated from the Malaysia Institute of the Arts in 1993, Kok Man is currently lecturing in the Drama and Visuals Department, New Era College. He is also the body development instructor for Hands Percussions’ full time drummers. Since his performance of aku in 1997, he has traveled to Japan, Korea, India and Singapore bringing and sharing his work with people in these different continents.

He was winner for Best Director and Best Chinese Script in the 2003 BOH Cameronian Arts Awards for Untitled. In 2005 , he founded Pentas Project and went to New York for 6 months on an Asian Cultural Council Fellowship. In 2006, he won Best Lighting Design for Phoenix Rises in the Dance Category in the 5th BOH Cameronian Arts Award. In 2007, he won Best Lighting Design for The Lost and the Ecliptic in the theatre category at the 6th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards. In the same year, together with Ceacar Chong, Kok Man was Co-Production Designer for Ismail, the Last Days.


Stage lighting design not only relies on creativity, but also requires refinement, accuracy and aesthetic discretion. Lighting design creates an environment for performance, to light the stage and to create special effects. However, when “light” is no longer the humble servant of a performance, what is the meaning of “light”? Light/Thought I is an action and thoughts exploring this transition.

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