Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Landscape designer Mah Su Sim perceives landscape spaces to be soft, fluid and revitalizing extensions to hard structures. Modeling most of her exterior spaces and sculptural elements after nature’s splendid expression of forms and patterns, Su Sim is simply resolute about integrating aesthetics with functionality to evoke a calming and restorative experience. She co-owns Oasis Water Garden where she assumes mainly creative responsibilities.

Recently, she teamed up with architect and friend Lisa Foo to craft a series of light features fashioned from recycled plastic mineral water bottles. They branded themselves LFSS* to convey the message of re-think, re-use and reduce.


Working in the field of landscape design has over the years nurtured my passion for designing, whether for work or leisure. I find the natural environment a treasure chest of design sources and inspiration bursting to enrich our lives. This inspiration spills over into my luminous sculptures, which radiate as abstract representations of natural forms that exist as blueprints of the world we live in.

The plastic mineral water bottle is undeniably one of the most ubiquitous examples of consumer waste today. Recycling exercises for these bottles into other plastic wares are mainly carried out on a commercial scale by manufacturers. However, at the opposite end of the scale, the consumer can also do his/her bit for a greener environment by cultivating a more eco-conscientious attitude. Thus, this project is aimed at re-purposing plastic mineral water bottles into artistic yet functional light sculptures while still maintaining the inherent quality of the material throughout the crafting process. By applying basic manual crafting skills using domestic tools and stationery, I aspire to generate worth and ethereal charm out of the mundane plastic bottles.

* LFSS is the abbreviation for both the designers, Lisa Foo & Mah Su Sim and at a glance it looks like LESS. Just appropriately spells out our intention. LESS WASTE.

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