Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Jazmi is a Malaysia-based interactive designer and sound artist producing commercial and personal work. He received BA (Hons) in Multimedia, majoring in Digital Media at Multimedia University, Malaysia. His interest is mainly in interactive installations, music technology and generative art. He works as a creative director and sound artist. He is a member of the Experimental Musicians and Artists Cooperative Malaysia (EMACM) and alumnus of the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF). His favorite performing “tools” are mobile gadgets. Currently, he is researching site-specific interventions dealing with the cultural and social implications of emergent technologies.


Kunang-Kunang is an interactive installation based on the movement of fireflies mapped on a curtain of straws that creates an environment full of light. This project basically uses an unwanted waste material – plastic drinking straws, as a projection surface. The interactive element of this project uses human body movement.

Random colors appear and sounds emerge as the user comes into proximity with the straws. The whole idea of this interactive installation is to share the beauty of fireflies during the night, represented using the power of art and technology.


Softscape is a medium-scale interactive installation of a projection mapping on a soft surface, made from discarded materials such as plastic bags and office paper. Movement, when detected by sensors and a camera, triggers rhythmic sounds and visual patterns projected onto the soft surface.

The objective of the installation is to create an indoor interactive playground for the public. It can be your imaginative “soft garden”, nurturing a culture of creativity and innovation.

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